My Health Is My Wealth

My practise as an artist explores and visualises worlds that are normally hidden from view; textural paintings investigate interior scapes of the human body, the inner mechanics at work. This came about from overcoming illness (with natural remedies), whilst at art school, which in turn made me more aware of the resilience of the human body. I began researching this area, initially painting images of X-rays, then in my final year; cellular imagery.

We are limited in our knowledge and experience of the world, in that our eyes are blind to all but the thinnest slice of the universe in which we live. Instruments, therefore, act almost like extended senses… In my studio practise of painting and re-visualising the ever active world of the human cell: as the microscopic world is invisible to the naked eye, imagery is sourced from various medical and biological books.

The Art of Nano-technology exhibition, City O Tautahi, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2010

The Art of Nano-technology


The artists represented here have all attempted to shed some light on the incredible – and tiny – new worlds of nanotechnology. Each have selected one little corner of a vast subject, and examined it close up, just as a scientist uses a microscope to zoom in and create images of the nanoworld itself.

Nanotechnologies are increasingly present in our lives, and this exhibition invites us to develop an awareness of them, and their wider implications. Through work displayed here the artists examine the connections between nanotechnology and our lived experience, both present and future. Using very different methods, artists and scientists highlight the beauty and power of these otherwise unseen new technologies.


Science shares with art the urge to describe and define aspects of both human existence and of the natural and manufactured worlds. At the core of the scientific and artistic approaches is a desire to illuminate the human experience of those worlds. Both disciplines then inventively apply this understanding and attempt to create something new.

In this exhibition, the world of nanotechnology is made visible through microscopic imaging, and through sculpture and painting, in an attempt to shed some light on some of the issues and applications of these mysterious and potent forms.